Flatiron Tack is your destination for horse supplies. We carry a wide selection of essential items, such as Tack, Horse Blankets and Horse Grooming Supplies and our goal is to provide you with the best assortment of horse supplies at an affordable price.

Western Saddles & Western Tack
When it comes to horse supplies, very few items are as important as your tack. Western tack includes the saddle, bridle, and halter. They are necessary in nearly every aspect of riding, from training sessions to experienced competitive events. Popular due to their great style, Western saddles provide additional security and stability for the rider.

Horse Blankets
Horse blankets are available in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles, such as the turnout blanket, stable blanket or sheet, show sheet, or fly sheet. Choosing a blanket comes down to fit, purpose, and quality. Each blanket serves a unique purpose too. Turnout blankets protect your animals from the wind and rain while turned out; stable blankets are meant to be used indoors as an additional layer for warmth.

Horse Supplements
As a horse owner, you understand horses need diverse levels of vitamins and nutrients in their diet. Horse owners and trainers often provide their horses with equine supplements as part of their daily diet. Horse supplements can help improve your horse’s health and overall well-being; they are a natural way to provide your horse’s body the nourishment it needs most.

Horse Fencing
Do not underestimate the importance of sturdy and durable horse fencing. Fencing supplies such as electric horse fencing, fence chargers and insulators keep your animals from escaping and potentially hurting themselves as well as prevent dangerous predators from gaining access to your grazing pasture. Keep your equine protected and out of trouble with gates, latches and other horse fencing accessories.

Horse Wormers
Internal parasites, if left untreated, may be detrimental to your horse’s health. Depression, dull coat, poor performance and weakness are all symptoms of parasitic worms. Deworming your horse is an integral component of caring for its overall health. After all, your horse’s health starts from the inside out. It requires the proper administration of horse dewormers like Panacur Powerpac and Safe-Gard.

Horse Grooming Supplies
A well-groomed, clean horse is a wonderful sight. From a glossy coat to a smooth mane, a groomed horse shows devoted attention to its health and well-being. Regular, daily grooming keeps your horse clean, disease free and accustomed to being handled. Every grooming kit should include a few horse brushes, hoof picks, clippers, and essential horse coat care products. With the proper horse brushing and cleaning your horse can be done with little to no effort at all.